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Being a kindergarten teacher is not an easy job. You constantly have to think about several new ideas and activities and games to engage the minds if the toddlers. Kids have a tendency to get bored with things too fast. So, being a kindergarten teacher you will have to think about new ideas to engage them and also ensure that they learn something out of everything. Having said that, it is not possible for a teacher to always come up with an idea of their own. So, there are several kindergarten teacher blogs available which give the teachers new and innovative ideas and tips to engage the young minds.

The following are some of Reminiappreview favorites Kindergarten teacher blogs which gives fresh ideas to the teachers:

It is one of the blogs that always have something new and innovative in it. It is written by Angela Barton who is a teacher and has an experience of around 20 years of working as a teacher with the kindergartners. Her blog, apart from providing ideas and tips for the teachers also talks about the practical problems that a kindergarten teacher faces and ways to deal with them. She also offers worksheets for the teachers free of cost and other additional resources too.

The second most popular site on our list is Simply Kinder. The blogger of this blog is Jeniffer Kadar who has an experience of more than 15 years in teaching and in a majority of her teaching career, she has taught in Kindergarten. For her, teaching toddlers is a fun based task but she also believes that it is important to develop them while having fun. Her blogs consist of several practical advice and have many activities ideas to develop young minds. She accepts that being a kindergarten teacher is not an easy job and there are many challenges on the way but dealing with it in a healthy and smiling way is something that is important.

The next popular blog is written by Marsha McGuire who firmly believes that every student is different and it is the responsibility of the teacher to tailor the activities according to the student so that every student can grow. She believes that every student is unique and a teacher must create an environment for the development of all of them. She provides the teachers with several ideas and resources for the growth of all type of kids.

This blog is written by Tiffani Mugurussa who has a lot of experience in teaching kindergartners. Her blog includes creative ways to handle a problem which every kindergarten teacher faces. In her blog, she has mentioned many creative and fun ways to quiet a noise class and many unique summer activities. She also has many free printable resources for the teachers to give them ideas and activities which they can do with their kids.

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