Remini App Review

Everything you need to know about this daycare app

Remini app review


Remini is a beautiful idea that is centered around small children. It tries to help the children during their stay at the daycare centers or preschools. It also tries to help the parents and teachers in their effort to celebrate childhood and make it more meaningful for everyone concerned – the parents, the educators, and the children themselves.


Love & Care

For the parents, it’s not easy to live behind their small children in daycare centers or preschools. But a child must go to a place where he learns the basics of life. And that place – whether it is a daycare center or a preschool – must be child-friendly and be able to take care of the child’s needs with love and care. At the same time, it should be able to teach the child the first basic lessons of life. And all this must be done with a sense of purpose and celebration.

Safe & Secure

However, at a time when social networking sites have crossed a billion mark as far as their members are concerned, there are some genuine concerns about putting images and videos of the children online. Remini avers that it is a completely private and secure environment and the parents alone decide who all can view and comment on the messages, pictures and videos of the child posted on it.

Launched it 2013, Remini has recently recorded 12,000 user base and around 70,000 pictures were posted in the month before this milestone was achieved by the child-centric, secure networking site. Compared to billions that hang out on Facebook or Instagram, Remini is far behind a billion mark. It’s because it does not want to become overnight. It cares and respects for child’s privacy and parents and educators concerns about the child.

How it works?

It is the parents who can use the app for setting up the profile of the child, and invite friends and family to be fans of the child. Parents can now upload a video, picture or text of the child. Fans can leave their comments or ‘heart’ it but can’t share.

Remini is as much about the teachers as it’s about the parents. Teachers can create a class profile (or many profiles), and invite Remini-registered parents to the class in which his child studies, and upload relevant materials about the child from the school day. When teachers wish to share some information or academic materials with parents, they can tag a specific child or even the entire class. Parents receive a notification that he can choose to add to the child’s timeline.

Such notifications were found to be of great help to parents, especially those returning to work and feeling separation anxiety.

Remini allows teachers can do a lot more. They can document educational highlights, assessments, and planning to create albums, which they can quickly send to individual parents as updates and alerts. They can also share this with the entire class. Similarly, they can create and share curriculum plans or newsletters.

Key Features

  • Early Childhood Programs: Remini app promises to cut the clutter in your school, save you money, and streamline the early childhood programs.
  • Photos & Videos: Teachers can share photos and videos with individual parents, class, or the entire school.
  • Child’s Portfolio: Each child can have his own page on Remini that will continue to grow with each passing day as you post new images and videos on it. Over the years, your child will have a portfolio of precious memories since early childhood.
  • Messages: You can send public and private messages on Remini to your family.
  • Daily Report & Assessment: You can customize assessment and reports to your school’s standards and Remini will keep track and share them with parents. It will also keep other important information about the child such as naps, meals, potty, activities and share it with parents if they want.
  • Attendance: Remini’s Attendance feature allows you to track the attendance of teachers and students in each class. It also keeps a record of children’s check-in and check-out times.
  • Calendar: You can create events and Remini’s calendar feature will automatically shoot off emails to parents to remind them about the upcoming event. You don’t need to manually invite or remind the parents about any upcoming event.
  • Training Provided: For teachers to use Remini to the fullest, adequate training is imparted to all the teachers and administrators.
  • User-Friendly: Remini boasts a simple and intuitive design, which was created by keeping parents and teachers in mind. Sharing images and videos of your child’s precious memories takes no time.
  • 24/7 Support: Remini maintains a highly responsive customer care department, which can be contacted 24X7.
  • Unlimited Storage: Remini offers unlimited storage where you can save and share thousands of videos and images. They will remain intact for years to come.
  • Private & Secure: Remini app and website are extremely safe secure from hacking. They have been put through stringent hacking tests and checks.
  • Mobile & Website: Parents and teachers can access Remini on IOS or any android operating device as well as on PC and laptop.


  • Instant messaging
  • Photo albums
  • Activity dashboard
  • Mailing list management
  • Categorizing
  • Daily reports
  • Email integration
  • Child assessments
  • Graphical user interface
  • Event calendar
  • Online registration
  • Image library
  • Parent/child records
  • Message board
  • Parent portal


  • High safety standards have to be maintained all the time
  • Accumulates important information about children
  • Can create personal safety issues for affiliated families

Final Words

Though it may look like that Remini is a social media network for small kids, it’s not exactly that. According to this Remini App Review, it’s more a tool in the hands of parents and teachers to keep track of the child’s personal academic growth over the early childhood years. Remini takes extreme care to keep the environment completely safe and secure while at the same time allows early childhood educators to organize and streamline their school work. Looking at the advantages, both parents and teachers should adopt it whole-heartedly.

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